Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Wanna Go To Jail

I wanna go to jail; Who do I talk to?
How can I finally grt what I want?
3 meals a day, people to talk to
Long as you ain't sharin' my bunk

Gimme some kind of somethin' to keep myself busy
Pressin' out plates all day or maybe moppin' floors
An exercise yard to pace back and forth in
Long as I ain't gotta see you anymore

Yeah, send me to prison; gimme a jumpsuit
Just get me out of this place I'm in
It couldn't be that bad; I'm livin' with heartache (right now)
I'd rather put up with twelve angry men

Lots of companionship, plenty of sex
I'll do what I have to for my cigarettes
Lots of companionship, plenty of sex
Baby, if this is as good as it gets 'round here

Then take me to jail; Tell 'em to keep me
I gotta 'scape from this heartache hotel
I'll take my love with me, 'cause you don't want it anymore
Let 'em arrest me, 'cause our love is hell

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Forget About You

There's ahit that you do I just don't understand
And those words about me that ain't true
Frustrate the fuck out of me, I believe
I'll get drunk and forget about you

I don't wanna argue, say things I'll regret
I just wanna go out, get drunk and forget
And it might be, just slightly, the wrong thing to do
But right now I'll get drunk and forget about you

Don't get me wrong, here's the page that I'm on
I'm not gonna walk out the door
And leave you, I love you, I'll always come back
It's that mean streak I don't need no more ...... of

I love you to death, but I won't waste my breath
When you're pissed-off I know what to do
I'll purchase a brew, ten or twelve ought to do
Get Drunk and forget about you

I'll think of the good times and focus on that
I won't sit and dwell on the crazy-ass crap
There's a bad part of you that I don't wanna see
So I'll drink until I make a mess out of me

When I fondle my glass, I'll think of your ass
And the laughter and love that we knew
When the beer hits my lips, I'll pretend it's a kiss
And remember the sweetness of you

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Am Not Proper

I am not proper; I never will be; I think you're right when you tell me I'm wrong
With a heart made of copper; nothing can kill me; not even God knows where I belong
A plateful of hatred; what an adventure! I never thought you could ever break my heart
So unwelcome home; I am not proper; I am the reason we're falling apart
You want to enlighten me? don't even try it; polish your toenails, you waited too long
And started too late; I won't deny it, people like me, we just ain't that strong
All is for naught, and everything's empty; Michael Fleming reached the end of his rope
It doesn't make sense 'cause it ain't supposed to; I'm sorry, you can't help me cope with it
Doesn't help much, your real-estate smile don't offer me hope
Sometimes a lifetime don't make a novel; it just writes a suicide note
Jesus kept the company of beggars, thieves and whores
He turned some tables over, drank his wine and slept on floors
I am not proper; I never will be; I think you're right when you tell me I'm wrong
A heart made of copper; nothing can kill me; even God don't know where I belong
I count all my blessings each waking moment (and) I pray to God, "Please take each one away"
'Cause I am not proper; I never will be; just hurry me to the end of the day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodnight K-Leen

If I didn't have me a nickel, she might let me borry a dime
If I had two hundred and ten bucks to burn, she'd help me go have a good time

She wasn't raised in the country, me, I was born in a barn
I bought her a beer, she spit in my ear, now her name is tattooed on my arm

Goodnight K-Leen, goodnight goodnight K-Leen, goodnight
The sweetest thing I've ever seen, I love my darling wife

Sometimes she drives an old pickup (truck), sometimes she pedals a bike
We met years ago, back when she lived on Blow; I popped a wheelie that night

Well, some folks, they got they problems, my Rumpdumplin' treats me just fine
Life is so good 'cause I'm her Peckerwood and my Baby Bird is all mine

Sweeter than strawberry licorice, her middle name is Lorraine
She knows how to spell good, and purty as Hell - like a picture by Wayne St. Wayne

She don't never say nothin' stupid; I fuck up ten times a week
K-Leen has a freckle shaped just like a heart where the angels hissed her on the cheek

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Don't Want Too Much (Won't Get Too Far)

I'm so slick, I'm so cool, I got a little education that I found in school
Part-time job, got no car; Don't want too much, won't get too far

No, it, don't, matter how hard I try
Could jump in the creek and I'd still come up dry
Yes it hurts, yes ma'am it will leave a scar
Don't want too much, Won't get too far

You tell me how far I'll get
Don't be surprised when you find it
Don't matter no more, it never did
There's a hotrod mama and a heartbreak kid

Someday I just may be the guy
Who'll bust a nut and then break down and cry
Write it down, oil up this old guitar
Can't play a lick, won't get too far
Can't sing worth shit, won't get too far

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

just part of what I'm too tired to write about right about now

I'm so slick, I'm so cool
I got a little education that I found in school ................

Monday, January 12, 2009